Neck or back pain are signs of prolonged and awkward posture?

Workplace Safety posture - Neck or back pain are signs of prolonged and awkward posture?

“This can cause fatigue and impact of productivity.”

“Working from home” has gained tremendous popularity since the Covid-19 restriction were implemented at the start of 2020.

If left unmanaged, over time these types of postures cause injuries that require treatment and generate costly workers compensation claims.

Workplace Safety Working from home

Are you meeting your obligations under the WHS legislation?

Covid-19 saw a dash to #stayathome and #workfromhome with the unconventional forms of safety management procedures.  Many workers were ill-equipment and had to make do with unsafe environmental set-ups at home.

 Whilst it was in unprecedented times, SafeWork NSW has since made it clear that workplaces have an obligation to exercise their due diligence.  All work-related risks must be managed and the appropriate resources provided.

Workplace Safety Pre conditions

We assist individuals with pre-existing conditions or other workers who are office-based?

FOCCALE Safety Management assist and works one-on-one with individuals or one-on-one with individuals in an office-based environment carrying out Ergonomic Assessments and making the necessary adjustments at their workstations. 

 These Ergonomic Assessment are for both work and home environments, where we are able to assist with risk management procedures, as well as provide reports and feedback for Human Resource purposes.

Workplace Safety ergonomic safety (1)

If equipment is required to ensure ergonomic safety, we are able to source and fit individuals.

Often, we are requested to fit individuals of different statures (varying heights and weights) or those that may have pre-existing conditions which may have resulted from sports-related injuries or vehicle accidents and so forth.

We have also assisted small to medium sized businesses and organisations including Lawyers offices and Community based services.

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Faith Eeson

Faith has over 20 years experience working in a large government organisations; medium and small business organisations with roles from administration, Workplace Safety Management System (OHSMS); Injury Management and Rehabilitation; Safety Audit; Records Management, Investigation and Training. Faith has owned and managed various business such as boutiques, retail stores and currently a commercial cleaning service and safety management businesses.



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