Common Risks and hazards in the Construction Industry:

  • demolition of existing structures
  • excavations
  • slips, trips, and falls
  • temporary electrical installations
  • partially constructed structures
  • stored construction materials
  • on-site plant and equipment


What are falls?

Employers have a duty to ensure their workplace is safe,
and this means controlling the risk of falls from any height.
Analysis has shown that the risk of serious injury from a
fall is much higher in falls from two metres or more.
The prevention of falls part of the OHS Regulations
applies when there is a risk of a fall of more than 2 metres.
Typical falls that cause death and injury include those
resulting from:
• using unsafe or incomplete scaffolds
• inappropriate ladders/ladder use
• falling from or through roofs
• falling from trucks
• falling into holes, pits or shafts
• accessing shelving
• accessing mezzanine areas.

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SafeWork NSW Inspectors focus on the building & Construction Industry

SafeWork NSW Inspectors focus on the building & Construction Industry

Following several serious injuries on work sites throughout the NSW, and the prosecution of the Hunter-based Landmark Roofing which was fined $400,000 in the NSW District Court last week for a safety breach that led to the death of Brayden Asser. The 20-year-old fell six metres through a roof at Mayfield West in 2018

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