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Work is a big part of our daily lives and can help to prevent mental ill-health by giving us a feeling of purpose and a sense of contribution.

A mentally healthy workplace has measures in place to prevent harm by identifying risks to mental health, managing harm from an early stage, and supporting recovery. At the same time, positive work-related factors are encouraged and promoted.

In a mentally healthy workplace:

  • mental health is everyone’s responsibility
  • mental health is considered in every way you do business
  • everyone contributes to a culture where people feel safe and supported to talk about mental health
  • mental health support is tailored for individuals and teams
  • everyone can see that supporting worker mental health is a priority

Causes of workplace mental

There are several work-related factors within the control of employers that can impact on mental health and safety.

Common Related factors may include:

Common work-related factors are:

  • low job control
  • high and low job demands
  • poor support
  • poor organisational change management
  • poor organisational justice
  • low recognition and reward
  • low role clarity
  • poor workplace relationships
  • poor environmental conditions, such as:
  • hazardous manual tasks
  • poor air quality
  • high noise levels
  • extreme temperatures
  • working near unsafe machinery
  • remote and isolated work
  • violent or traumatic events
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