Common hazards and risks in retail

  • repetitive work like reaching for stock, scanning items or restocking shelves
  • lifting heavy or awkward objects like boxes
  • using handling equipment such as trolleys or ladders
  • slips on uneven or slippery floors
  • trips over stock stored on the floor or in walkways
  • cuts and burns from food preparation
  • exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • being hit by moving or falling objects
  • work-related stress from harassment, bullying, abusive customers and work pressure
  • falls from heights


Risk management process

  1. Find the hazards in your workplace.
  2. Assess the risks associated with those hazards. You don’t have to do a formal risk assessment if there is already information about the risk and how to control it.
  3. Control the risks.
  4. Monitor and review your risk controls. Revise the controls if they are not working.
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