Safety is Paramount in this Pandemic

Safety is Paramount in this Pandemic

We must be proactive with Covid-19 …

The past week or so has been quite a wake-up call.  It has been obvious, and we have been aware that all strategies and actions implemented in the last two years concerning Covid-19 have been reactive rather than proactive.  Australia being one of the last countries to experience the spread of the virus gave us hope that we could learn from other countries globally, and have better plans and strategies to manage the spread of the viral infection from a medical and environmental perspective.  Were we too optimistic?

Is common sense, common?

We have to be honest here, it is apparent, that in some instances common sense does not prevail and leadership has failed dismally.  As humans we are forgiving when mistakes are made, but not when we are informed that the virus is extremely contagious and although milder, has health implication and the need for medical attention.  This morning I read the article in the Newcastle Herald; “We don’t have staff.”  I was and am speechless. 

How can we trust our leaders going forward?

The word “clumsy” used by the US President, Joe Biden, keeps coming back to me, which is a very kind way of describing blunders.  This current situation is impacting the health, safety and well-being of our frontline staff, workforce, economy and the population within NSW.  “Hunter hospital workers say it’s bad, and it’s getting worse.”Safety Management is Paramount!
If you are the Person Conducting the Business or Undertaking; i.e., director, manager, supervisor or business owner, you have an obligation and a duty of care under the WHS legislation.  You also have a responsibility in your role to the productivity, efficiency and running of that business.

We have to be proactive

If we are looking to our leaders for direction and follow through without assessing the risk to the continuity of the business, then we may find ourselves in challenging situation that can have implications on our workforce and the survival of the business.

What next

Reading this article is and was shocking, yet this is only one part of the crisis.   Seeing the breaches to safety and the workplace laws, which are now openly reported in the media is telling that our health services are being pushed beyond their capacity to function.   However, the hospital is at crisis point, they have no options.

I would like to hear your comments, opinions and experiences.

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Faith Eeson

Faith has over 20 years experience working in a large government organisations; medium and small business organisations with roles from administration, Workplace Safety Management System (OHSMS); Injury Management and Rehabilitation; Safety Audit; Records Management, Investigation and Training. Faith has owned and managed various business such as boutiques, retail stores and currently a commercial cleaning service and safety management businesses.



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